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Founded by Dorian Shine and produced by Omar Zahi, Resist Film Festival is a festival promoting films and artists that shake the hearts and minds of society.

Resist has the vision of using the audiovisual power to break down stereotypes, prejudices, taboos, fears, and also offer a plateforme for artists who are merging into the digital as an alternative to traditional art approches. 

"Resist is an independent film festival rooted in the Human Rights, Justice, Social Change, Climate, LGBTQ+, Gender, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) , and any Activism related topic or video Oriented art form. 

Filmmakers, and artists who are using video as a medium around the world are welcome to submit their films."

About Resist

III Edition
(not open yet)


Each entry MUST be accompanied by the following:

a- Director's photo
b- Director's Biography (Max 100 words)
d- Synopsis 
e- Downloadable link of the film

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