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Justin Varghese is a film enthusiast. By profession he has a Master degree in engineering, however he is very much interested in arts. Justin loves watching and working in films. He have worked in front and behind the camera for commercials, short films. He also completed his first feature film as an actor.

Justin Varghese

The assurance of a man's love despite the insecurities and differences he had with her. The film also reflects on the social stratification still in continuation.

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Ali stopped eating. Ali gets energy from a tool. The tool collects energy from the sun, and from the wall. Ali is a USB stick, not a computer. Ali is green. they forgets, until everything else changes color, and green sticks out now. They find comfort here. They is a bed. There are caves with rocks. They’ve been shaped by wind and rain and animals. Ali, too.they is inside of the cave, and outside in the city.they is looking at bridges, and they’s a bed in a cave. Ali is finding the limits in the underground, and in the city also.

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Ali Pereira

My body is my only home My body is requesting care My body is growing hair My body is being reprogrammed My body is scanning My body accepts me again My body digests pain My body gains stretch

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As a film-maker, Julián Cáneva is the founder of the Audiovisual Militancy Group of La Plata city in Argentina. He is a Radio & Tv director, producer, cameraman & content editor working for the television station of the National University of La Plata. 

As an independent director, he has directed a feature documentary & a variety of short films. Julián Cáneva has a BA in Social Communication, & is currently completing a Technical Diploma in Popular Communication at the UNLP. 

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Julián Cáneva

A young woman who suffers gender violence organizes photographs for her show. Your partner arrives and makes the fate of the exhibition change completely.

I Wanted To See You There
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Born in Uruguay in February 1960 and currently living in Argentina, Amadeo has worked for film and television in different roles, from production to directing. He has also dabbled in Painting and Photography and Music.

Nacido en Uruguay en febrero de 1960 y actualmente viviendo en Argentina, Amadeo ha trabajado para cine y television en diferentes roles, desde la producción hasta la dirección. También ha incursionado en Pintura y Fotografia y Musica.

Amadeo Antonio Castro

Two individuals facing a situation of power, submission and gender violence.

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Rhoma Spencer is an Actor, Writer, Director and Comedian whose works are mainly in theatre. She makes her debut here as a Film Maker out of necessity to stay relevant in the midst of the COVID 19 Pandemic. She was last seen in Aluna Theatre Production of Solitudes of which she was also a Co-creator.
Photo Credit: Jocelyn Reynolds

Rhoma Spencer

A commentary on the many black bodies killed from the hands of the Police in Canada and the US. My Execution Will Be Televised is a mashup of Gill Scott Heron’s, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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Designer graduate from Braunschweig University of Art, Germany. Painter, screenprinter, comic-author, animation-filmmaker. Exhibitions in Germany and France. Comics published in Germany, France and Spain. Awards for painting and comics. Award from oneminute festival Aarau, Suisse for "P60" animationfilm. Films selected for festivals in Kiew, Vienna, Bukarest, Chicago, Helsinki, Vinius, Islamabad, Budapest, Braunschweig and Paris.

Werner Schnater

Do not be fooled by appearances !

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Sandra Stanionyte is a Lithuanian born interdisciplinary artist working in the field of performance art and architecture. Sandra has presented her work and performed in numerous countries in Europe, The Middle East, and Asia. She graduated from Fine Art Sculpture, Performance MA at Royal College of Art, and Design, Inter-architecture at BA(Hons) at Gerrit Rietveld Academy. In 2012 together with studio FedLev, she won the “Do-It-Yourself” competition for the extension of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam that was nominated Amsterdamse Architectuur Prijs 2019.

Sandra Stanionyte.jpg
Sandra Stanionyte

Performed Live to the camera and for one week outside in front of one of the biggest banks in London on Liverpool Street. Pinning the badge through the skin, wearing a cooperate suit, and standing still for 8 working hours five days a week.

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She was born in Ijuí, South Region of Brazil, has bachelor degree in International Relations and studied Theatre at an anarchist Theatre School from Porto Alegre. She lives in Buenos Aires since 2015, where she had the opportunity of being part in many performance art events, artistic residencies and art workshops. During this time she also produced the Balcony Festival.

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Ana Cristina Araujo

An act of resistence which exiled people are forced to make everyday and also an act of hope by the carnation flower. The song  "If You Hold a Stone" from Caetano Veloso was  recorded while he was exiled in London because of the dictatorship in Brazil during the 70's.

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Jeffrey Vincent Parise used his early days of quarantine to make a few short poetry films. They are reflections of the beauty, freedom and wonder that felt momentarily lost. "Granted" is written, shot, edited, scored and narrated by Parise. Isolation is written, narrated, scored and edited by Parise and shot by Ryan Paevey. When not making poetry films, Parise is a full-time film & television actor and a painter

Jefferey Vincent Parise 

A Poetry film that is a reflection of the beauty, freedom and wonder that felt momentarily lost.

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Eduardo Elli is an audiovisual producer graduated from the IDAC Institute of Cinematographic Art (Avellaneda), he also holds a BA. of Audiovisual Arts Education (ENERC-UNSAM). He was awarded a grant by the PAIS PROGRAM (INCAA), FNARTES, TyPA Foundation and PROA Foundation. He made video clips & fiction short films as a member of Complete Control Producciones, which have been selected & awarded at national & international festivals. He alternates working for independent productions & teaching.

Eduardo Elli - Director 00_1.jpg
Eduardo Elli

A summer Sunday with 39° to the shadow.
On the terrace of a building surrounded by highways, a child awaits the picket with his rod inside a small pool. 

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A visual artist making performances from live to intervention, videos, photographs, and multimedia installations. He has exhibited and performed widely at venues, including the SomoS Art House (Germany), Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (US), Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Australia), Mendel Art Gallery (Canada), Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt (Germany), Wexner Center for the Arts (US), LIVE Performance Art Biennale (Canada), and Irish Film Institute (Ireland). Derr earned his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Robert Ladislas Derr

Very good indicators of climate change, most glaciers have shrunk by 50 percent over the last 100 years. Shown, Mt. Hood, Oregon

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Born In 2003 In Delhi India , Pursuing his 12th Grade , immense Interest in Wildlife photography And Film making and seeking a Career in these . Tech YouTuber since 2017 , Won Best screenplay At Poloroid film Festival for Ek savaal khud se. For me A Film is the best way to express my feelings and let the people see A world through my Vision .

Shaumit Seth

As this coronavirus lockdown has been imposed , we can see how we have destroyed the life of animals and other creatures who have regained their livelihood

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María Celeste works in advertising industry as a freelance director & creative developer. She likes the challenge of constant experimentation, which has left her with a rich and varied reel composed of commercial spots, short length documentaries and music videos. Her last production “Nena”, a short film co-produced between Argentina and Uruguay. As a photographer, she was awarded by the Itaú Fund for a portrait she took during a trip to India. She proclaims herself as an independent spirit, a restless artist and a challenge lover.

Maria Celeste

In this pandemic times we were forced to stop our life as we knew it, and to keep away our loved ones to keep them safe. Now love means to keep this distance. Waiting will heal us.


Nicolas Corvino Rius (aka Corveta) is a Filmmaker and Creative Director , AAP graduated, with more than 8 years of experience, working with brands like AXE, American Express, National Geographic, Grupo Peña Flor, Nestlé Water, Directv, Toyota, SC Johnson, among others. He’s also the creator of "Domingos de Memes" in instagram. He work is recognized nationally and internationally. He’s passionate about experimenting and investigating  new resources to conceptualise new ideas.

Nicoleta Corvino
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Aarón Caleb Madrid Candia is a Chilean non-binary & Trans activist. Actress, Performer and Art Director, Aarón is licensed in Performing Arts and is pursuing an MA in Performance Arts at the UNA in Argentina. Aarón main focus is using art as a politic weapon involving the body from sexual dissidence.

Teacher, singer and playwright.

Aaron caleb madrid
Aarón Caleb Madrid Candia

Taxi Joy" is a murderer sex-worker who kills her clients & keeps their taxis, in commemoration of the sixth anniversary of "Hija de Perra" & "Elefante Gonorrea" artists & sex-workers.

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Born on 22.11.1990 in Chita. Lived in this city until 2011, after he moved to Belgorod. Graduated from Belgorod state University with a degree in World economy in 2014. Since 2014 till 2015 served in army. Currently lives and works in the city of Belgorod. Director of 10 short films.

roman makarchuk.jpg
Roman Makarchuk

Mr. Johnson, an ordinary guy (or not?) is to be involved in a dangerous spy game – he is captured by a pair of strangers who are interested in a cassette tape...

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Choreographer, professor & dreamer. Fabiana manages and directs her own Art space in Buenos Aires. Professor in History at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UBA. Currently finishing her Masters in Theater & Performing Arts at UNA. Fabiana Investigates the relationship between dance and politics, thought the issue of gender and feminism. Pouso, produced & curated Performance Art meetings  such as "Performania", “ciclo Permanece”, "Encuentro de Performance".

Fabiana Pouso

Resist in the intimate space as an experience that questions the complex oppression

of the external reality. 

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Anneliek always had an enormous interest in visual art; creating her own world using textile forms, carpentry & painting. Growing up in a loving but conservative nest, there was no question of her being educated at the art academy. She followed a solid education & for years she worked as an office manager then as a teacher. But she couldn’t let go her dream and enrolled at the Nieuwe Academie Utrecht in the Netherlands. Her thesis covered the fascinating women's sexuality. Because of her studies at the art academy Anneliek had the feeling the sky was the limit, & working with her own body gave her a lot of self confidence & freed her from any existing straight jackets.

Anneliek Nieuwland

Be who you want to be. Kiss who you want to. We are all human just love the one you want and enjoy it.

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Born in 1965 In Bombay, Manav started his career as an office assistant in the country’s first post production house "Western Outdoor Advertising". Starting with a meagre salary of 10 dollars a month, he managed to learn how to do multi projector audiovisual programmes. In 1989 he started working as an audiovisual manager and started directing commercials for  J. Walter Thompson.

In 1995, Menon created Footcadles Film, a production house that grew to be among the country's premier production houses with a multi director panel. Manav Menon started exploring directing foreign commercials by finding worldwide representations. 

Manav Menon

A romantic interpretation of a W.B Yeats poem set in the modern days of quarantine. Desperate lovers separated by a system that has stopped and the only possible language of love is binary.

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