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Inuit youth speak to what their culture means to them in this portrait of life in Kugluktuk, Nunavut.

Made during Reel Youth’s fourth visit to Kugluktuk, NU, this 2019 series celebrates Inuit musical traditions, culture & landscape. Local youth worked with their elders to record traditional songs (and a contemporary original) and film music videos to accompany them. The videos will contribute to the ongoing revival of songs and language, with which many Inuit youth have lost connection through the history of colonization and attempted cultural genocide in Canada.

Reel Youth
My Culture

"Nuno Serrão is a Portuguese photographer, filmmaker, and creative director, interested in the dialogues between science and contemporary art. Each of his images considers how information is handled, shared and perceived, framing scenarios as micro-narratives, demonstrating a sensitivity and a curiosity for the planet and its inhabitants."
                                                                                            Aesthetica Magazine, 2019.

nuno serrao.jpeg
Nuno Serrão

If we consider Einstein's space-time concept, we end up with an object where everything that happened and everything that will happen is understood inside. 

We are all on the same bus

Jojo graduated with an MA from Central Saint Martins, London in 2017 with a distinction and received the Mercers Award for academic merit. Taylor conducted interviews on altered states of consciousness including hallucinations and out of body experiences and devised work based on peoples stories that were performed at the Tate Exchange - Tate Modern London.

Taylor questions what it means to be human, through an exploration of the component parts of life’s dilemmas and my idiosyncratic presentations of the human soul. More recently Jojo Taylor exhibited in the worlds first exhibition in space, with Sent into Space and British Journal of Photography. 

jojo taylor
Jojo Taylor

Faceless, they rise from the ocean. Frozen, like statues, silent. On the threshold of entry and exit, pain and power, erosion and preservation. They are at a juncture where their future could swing either way.

Like My Mother

A tormented childhood marked by the absence of the male figure in a patriarchal society and the journey of acceptance of the challenge of facing the stereotypes of being a man or being a woman.

Moroccan actor, activist and performance artist. Ryan started his career as an actor and assistant director for theatre productions in Morocco.

He studied theatre and arts and developed interest in teaching theatre for youth and minorities. 

Ryan is active on social justice themed creations in Morocco, and is elaborating short films to spread awareness of subjects like feminism, sexual education and freedom of speech.

M. Ryan Amraoui

Recited by the poet Damarys Benavides (Hefzi-ba) claiming the ancestral roots.

Part of the Documentary project "Los hijos de Cuba suenan."

Negra ,Yo

Born in Uruguay in February 1960 and currently living in Argentina, Amadeo has worked for film and television in different roles, from production to directing. He has also dabbled in Painting and Photography and Music.

Nacido en Uruguay en febrero de 1960 y actualmente viviendo en Argentina, Amadeo ha trabajado para cine y television en diferentes roles, desde la producción hasta la dirección. También ha incursionado en Pintura y Fotografia y Musica.

Amadeo Castro

Aarón Caleb Madrid Candia is a Chilean non-binary & Trans activist. 

Actress, Performer and Art Director, Aarón is licensed in Performing Arts and is pursuing an MA in Performance Arts at the UNA in Argentina.

Aarón's main focus is using art as a politic weapon involving the body from sexual dissidence.

Candia is also a Teacher, singer and playwright.

Aaron caleb madrid
Aarón Caleb Madrid Candia

On a daily basis, forgotten isolated beings are submerged in total social abandonment. Invisibles, exposes the bond between a trans-woman and a person with a disability. Inspired from true events.


Isil Sol Vil (Catalonia), director of the space for creation and radical pedagogy MATERIC.ORG and of the international performance festival EMPREMTA, curator of the performance encounter of the Caribbean MAR DE ISLAS. After tracing different, strange and extreme paths inside and outside the world of art and activism, he meets the artist and collaborator Aldo Cardoso, and with him the name and universe of performance art or action art. Performance becomes his space of comfortable discomfort.
In his work there is an amalgam between the crude, the extreme corporal processes, the critical and activist character, the resistance, the sincerity, the rebellion, the subversion, the margins and the corporal border.

Isil Sol Vil

The body socially cataloged as a man, is it not erotic? Or is the erotic trade a meat trade? We are meat, pieces, parts and hanging members. We are wrapped, packaged and labeled well, everything in order and well numbered. 

Forest Warrior
(Xondaro Ka'aguy Reguá)

Starring Kunumi Mc, this warrior is a representation of what is to be indigenous, a strong being, so belonging to nature, a Portray of a new generation of indigenous people who uses education, art & technology to defend their rights and their lands.

ANGRY is a unquiet duo from São Paulo, Brazil. With distinct skills that complement each other and a strong aesthetic appeal. They like to create stories, but also to express the world around them.

The film is a tribute to all the indigenous peoples of Brazil and the world, and also a manifest of creative freedom that allows, as human beings, to make their individual decisions such as singing rap, writing books, having a career, moving through other cultures and even so, it is still being indigenous.

angry duo.jpeg

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt.

Sherif's passion for filmmaking started since his childhood at the age of 6. His passion evolved later when he studied Mass communication at the Canadian University in Egypt, where he developed interest and gained experience as a freelance in filming, editing short videos, then transitioned into writing short scripts and directing them.

sherif tolba
Sherif Tolba

A man finds value amidst his most inactive days and discovers how some of the most boring moments in life can be harnessed to discover what truly matters.

27 AM

"My name is Brooke Minnich, I am 18 and I am a student filmmaker who graduated from Capital Area School for the Arts Charter school and will be continuing my film studies at Temple University in the fall. I have had a passion for film since I was 7 years old and I continue to use that same passion to help me create my short films today. I specialize in creating short experimental films, mainly focused on exploring unsettling feelings and emotions."

brooke minnich
Brooke Minnich

Following a normal girl and an unsettling, masked entity, isolation is a visual representation of the intense feeling of being alone and isolated from the rest of the world.

Frank Bready Trejo

This performance is an exercise in de-structuring our language and the system of meanings that colonization introduced us to. We are a hybrid of cultures that fight internally in our body to eradicate the violence established since colonization started in America.

Artist, cultural manager and writer. Venezuelan born in Yaracuy (1993) and currently working at CASAMUSEO artistic space in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Frank is Interested in spiritual issues and the integrity of life. His practice of Being Nature and Being Spiritual are fundamental principles in  the development of his thoughts and his artistic creations. Frank founded the Colectivo Yaracuy en Trazos since 2012 where he develops national and international cultural events supporting young artists in his country. He has participated in national and international exhibitions. Winner of the Venice Biennial of Bogotá version, 8.0, 2016.

Frank Bready Trejo
johanna .jpeg
Heartbeat Ink from Heartbeat Ink

2020, what I saw as an immigrant to the USA. In the pandemic, social disconnection and locked up feeling. Eager to come out from the wall she built and express indescribable emotion in improvisational music.

Singer, performer, and culture producer from Tokyo Japan, known as Yukiko Haneda. Born in Tokyo Japan, relocated to Los Angeles California USA in 2011. Raised in a family of historical hotels and Japanese cuisine. Johanna debuted as a recording artist in 1988 at Sony Records. Worked with an all-star creative team including the producer David Foster, Paul Anka, and others. 

Johanna established her own vocal style with Zen Reiki healing property.

“ A Million Breath” focuses on self-discovery through own breath and voice.

Johanna Yukiko Haneda

Angelica trained as a professional ballet dancer across Canada since the age of 13 (The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, School of Alberta Ballet) but decided to pursue her passion; acting. She has a wide range of acting skills, performing both comedic and dramatic roles. Angelica is building her repertoire with feature films, short films and commercials.  Angelica continues to produce and direct short films that push the viewer to ask more questions and to delve into the lives of those most understood.

Angelica Zuenko

A prostitute runs into a fellow female confidant, who happens to save her day...

Sweet Embrace
pablo nieto.jpeg

We are hunters and prey to our thoughts. We stop hunting to embark on motives that sublimate our innate need to kill. We eat everything, what animal have we not cooked? Stones, plants, water, air we have mixed everything.

Multimedia artist. His artistic proposals are presented in various formats integrating improvisation, clown, sound performance and collaborative works. His work reflects on the role of technology in human communication and the transformation of the territory. In 2008 he founded the Melvin Records label dedicated to experimental audiovisual production. His production covers sound, video art, documentary and video clip. Spread and expose his work in Mexico, Italy, Bolivia, Colombia, France, Russia, Germany, USA, England, Brazil, Japan

Pablo Nieto Mercado

Dance performance and installation. Hundreds of threads connect the performers bodies with the environment. It's a discussion about the urban space, the current social distancing and the tension in human relationships nowadays. 

Born 77 in Costa Rica and raised in Germany. Dancer, performance artist and choreographer. The topics of his performances are materialistic extremes and the life in abundance. Bernardo performs in public spaces to bring his artistic purposes to everyone.

He studied in Costa Rica, France and Germany . As a dancer he worked at Theater Freiburg, Deutsche Rhein Opera, Theater Bonn, Theater Dortmund, to name a few.  

Bernardo San Rafael
resist laurel.png

Ali stopped eating. Ali gets energy from a tool. The tool collects energy from the sun, and from the wall. Ali is a USB stick, not a computer. Ali is green. they forgets, until everything else changes color, and green sticks out now. They find comfort here. They is a bed. There are caves with rocks. They’ve been shaped by wind and rain and animals. Ali, too.they is inside of the cave, and outside in the city.they is looking at bridges, and they’s a bed in a cave. Ali is finding the limits in the underground, and in the city also.

Ali pereira.JPG
Ali Pereira

She's an expert in beginnings

She's even an expert in endings

She's hardly ever wanted to touch the in between

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